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Our Story

We are an aspiring team of olympiad winners turned professional educators, data analysts and IT specialists.

We have come to realize that the skills imparted by traditional olympiads are rapidly becoming irrelevant. In the age of abundant and easily accessible information, the modern individual must cultivate competencies such as critical and analytical thinking, time and resource management, soft skills and creativity.

Traditionally, the international olympiads are dominated by students who are specially trained by expert coaches. This limits the accessibility of international competitions to a wider number of students, some of whom are working hard but unable to realise their full potential, and others who are simply unaware of the possibilities.

We aim to provide an opportunity for every student on the planet to compete with their peers. Without a doubt, competing is fun and makes learning more interesting. Whether one can best others or not, what is more important and difficult for future success is to compete with oneself. Therefore, we set out on a journey to create a unique international platform that enables students to develop apt competencies and continually best themselves through competitions.

We envision a community of organizers, coordinators, teachers, students and their parents, who strive to embrace, embody and promote the “Best Yourself!” spirit.

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